I use a range of techniques and processes in my work. Here is a little more information about them.

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Silk Painting and Dyeing

Much of my work is based on the traditional techniques of silk painting, batik and shibori.

Silk Painting is normally done by stretching a piece of silk over a wooden frame, applying a resist and then painting inside the shapes with a brush. There are many products and techniques which can be used to enhance the basic process.

Batik is a sequential resist-dyeing process, where hot wax is used to block out areas of the fabric before it is dipped into a dye bath. This is traditionally done on cotton fabric.

Shibori is also a resist-dyeing process, but uses thread (tied or sewn) or clamps to mask off areas of the silk before applying the dye.

The Dyes and Paints I work with are iron fixed silk paints, steam fixed silk dyes (acid dyes) and procion MX dyes, as well as a wide range of other products for resists and embellishments.

I use a number of different designs of Silk Painting Frames, depending on the requirements of the project. I particularly like Siesta Bar Frames and Artys Easi-Fix Frames, and have recently made my own custom silk painting frames, which have been popular with my students.

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Fused Glass

"Glass Fusing is defined as the heat bonding of separate pieces of glass in a kiln. In addition to fusing, other methods you might use while working with kiln-glass include slumping, casting, printing with powders or enamels, torchworking, kilncarving, coldworking, and many more." (Bullseye Glass)

I use a number of these processes, as well as others, to create my fabulous handmade glass pieces for you and your home.